>Why would I use Photoshop?? – Part 1


Why would I use Photoshop?? – Part 1

I have two very dear friends who are both photographers in their spare time, like me.We are all now hooked on the DSLR revolution having all had film SLR’s at one time in the past. (Maybe this shows our vintage)

Being the first of this group to embrace Photoshop, I of course used to rave about the software at every opportunity. The following article will be split into a couple of parts mainly to reflect the two quite different reactions of my friends.

So to the subject at hand, my first photographer friend actual did download a trial version of Photoshop and tried it. His reaction “that Photoshop software is just too darn difficult to understand” and this got me thinking that there are probably many like him out there.

So this article will be devoted to those of you who find Photoshop a little daunting, however would still like to give it a shot.

Like everyone who take photographs in the digital age now I had heard all about Adobe & Photoshop with commentslike “it’s the best product on the market” and “you just got to try this it’ll blow your mind”

No problem I thought, just download a trial version and see what all the fuss is about. My goodness was I in for a shock, this software is super complicated (CS2) where do I start??

Well having lived through this and really got nowhere initially my advice is as follows:

1)Just like buying a new DSLR it’s always better to buy a mid level model and as you become more confident then upgrade. The same goes for Photoshop, I advise starting with Adobe Photoshop Elements and learn the basics.

Elements is well priced version of Photoshop and although it doesn’t have the full functionality of the full version it has some very neat stuff. In Elements 7.0 it has a number of walkthroughs to help you understand what exactly is going on, plus you have different levels of processing you can choose and a photo organiser.

All in all good inexpensive starting point: http://www.adobe.com/downloads/

So let’s assume you now have some software – How do you learn how to use it??

2)Nowadays we have a huge amount of free resources available to you via the internet. For me Podcasts have been an invaluable source of knowledge as I have learned. Some video podcasts I would recommend you check out are:

Photoshop User TVhttp://www.photoshopusertv.com/

Photoshop Killer Tipshttp://www.photoshopkillertips.com/

Understanding Adobe PhotoshopWith Richard Harrington

Photoshop Elements Maximum Performance

These together with several others are great for learning pretty much all you need to know about the software and what you can do with it.

3)Finally there are several magazines and websites out there that compliment your podcasting. The photography magazines are great as you learn how to use your camera and at the same time how to process you photos. Of all the magazines I have purchased over the last three years two stand out:

Digital Camera Magazinehttp://www.dcmag.co.uk/

Digital Photo Magazinehttp://www.photoanswers.co.uk/

The second also has a great website that even has a photography course to sign up for. Otherwebsites worth a look are:





Plus don’t discount some of the excellent photography groups on some of the social networking sites like Facebook and Yahoo.

There you go hope this helped to get you started and happy processing