NO! It’s not just a big iphone!!!


There were many knockers of Apple’s new IPad when it was launched last year, the most common observation was that it’s just a bigger iphone.

Having converted to the religion of IPad in January this year I can tell you this is a whole new level of electronic communication. Now I was among many that just get the Twitter thing….140 characters instant messages about what you bought at the supermarket or what you had for tea.

With apps like Flipboard , Twitter becomes a whole new experience and actually makes much more sense, opening up a whole new world in the process.

I travel a lot and find my laptop will last 2-3 hours at best without power and of course there is the whole booting up, logging on and waiting for everything to load. Enter the IPad with 10 hour battery and about a 3 second boot time, which one would you pick???

There is a lot to like about this Apple product it is light and very portable, much easier to throw in your bag when travelling.

Email – You can manage multiple email accounts from one place very easily. I currently have 5 different email addresses and managing these is a breeze.

Social Networking – This adds a whole new level to social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, MSN Messenger, etc… mainly because it displays things in a different way.

Web Browsing – The size of the IPad is just right for web browsing and with the backlit screen it is a very pleasant experience. YOUTUBE is great to view

IBooks & Magazines – I must admit I was very sceptical about books being electronic, however I have been proved wrong on this. Reading an iBook is more flexible than reading a real book as you can change the zoom to suit your eyes, you can bookmark you spot easily and there are so many choices online. Magazines are also available electronically via subscription easily and with a large choice also. All of this reducing our carbon footprint and helping the environment.

Remote desktop access – You have the ability to remotely access you personal PC and stream videos, view photos, listen to music, etc….. very easily

Multi-tasking – Great finally with OS 4.2 you can have programs running in the background such as IPod or internet radio while you work. Multitasking allows you to move quickly from app to app as needed.

Gaming – Wow what a great gaming platform that fits most people’s tastes. There are so many apps to choose from and the HD one are graphically superb.

There are many more features to like about the IPad and I have listed what work well for me personally. To give this post some balance I want to also state that the IPad does have some shortcomings which you need to be aware of:

No Camera of any description in the IPad 1 – beyond belief why there is no cameras given both the IPod and Iphone 4th generation have reversible cameras as a new feature. Anyway the good news is that IPAD 2 is “rumoured” to have this issue fixed….watch this space.

Email Attachments – There is no ability to attach documents to your emails in the IPad email programme…….WHY NOT???? Why something so basic has been overlooked is beyond comprehension and I would hope this will be fixed in OS 4.3 or beyond.

File Manager – One thing to watch out for is that once you have files in your IPad it’s hard to remove them or send them anywhere using the factory settings. Luckily help is on hand through a number of apps to allow you to work around these issues. Try apps like ReaddledocS, Dropbox, USB Disk for IPad and many more similar programs.

All in all though the IPad is a great innovation by Apple but be warned it is also very addictive so happy surfing and ENJOY.