Headshot sbckI grew up in Scotland and first picked up a camera in my early teens. Back in those days it was all film camera’s and manually focused lenses.

So began a long love affair with capturing images and creating composition.

In more recent years I have spent many hours learning both camera techniques and how to bring them into post processing. Needless to say my gear has also become much more sophisticated and I am proud to say I now shoot Nikon.

I live on the other side of the world in Sydney and have spent the last 8 years travelling extensively around the world. This is where my love of travel photography was ignited and I have been lucky to visit some amazing places.

In 2013 I made the bold decision to give up a lucrative professional career in the corporate world to become a commercial photographer. This was something I had always wanted to try and so far I love doing this.

So SB Photography was born  offering a range of services to my clients including:

  • Personal & Corporate Portraits.
  • Group & Team photographs.
  • Sport Action photography.
  • Personalised design to meet client specific needs

So welcome to my site , I hope you enjoy my images and feel encouraged enough to leave some comments.  It helps me a lot to understand what people like and find a pleasing image. You can also contact me directly:

Email:             sbphoto66@gmail.com

Mobile:          0401 973 346

Remember the composition is already there so go and capture it

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